Fremdenzimmmer, Sieveking Verlag, 16 junge Männer aus Syrien und ihre Geschichten
Sixteen young men who fled from their homecountry Syria to Germany. They lost neary everything and were brought by chance to the same place: a former guesthouse in Bavaria. Author Wilhelm Warning tells their biographies of loss. Published 2016 in Sieveking Verlag. 172 pages with a total of 67 photographs. 
Tradition and innovation-what is the secret of family businesses which are being succesfull over more than four generations? this book introduces twenty bavarian family businesses and their histories. Written by Christian Thiele, edited by Andreas Mach/Alphazirkel and published 2015 by Callwey Verlag. project managed by Caroline Ditting.  224 pages.
Wo das Herz ist
Solo photobook project with work from germany and japan, 1990-2010. published 2011 at iudicium verlag.with texts in german and japanse of sebastian glubrecht, rudolf scheutle, thomas siegner and enno kapitza.designed by sabine schmid of schmidwidmaier. longlisted for the german photobook award 2012. 176 pages and 129 photographs in color and black/white.

Former stern magazine photo director andrea gothe did the edit for this book. She asked 50 german photographers to show a piece of german contemporary life.
I participated with portraits about children on the day of their first holy communion. though the catholic church is in deep crisis and churches are frequented only on easter or christmas days the day of the first communion is still a very important day in the childhood of catholic children. they visit preparation courses at their communal church for weeks and on the festive day the whole family and relatives come together to celebrate the initation to the catholic community. nowadays this is the time when they have the closest contact to the religion in which they were baptized. these photographs were taken with a 4x5" film camera. published 2008 by edition braus. art direction dirk linke. foreword by jan weiler. 

The Mercy Project, Inochi

Photographer and Editor James Whitlow Delano  about his project: "I posed one question to photographers I have met all over the world, after the untimely passing of my sister, Jeanne, and last member of my nuclear family: “share with me one photograph that says to you, ‘MERCY. The Mercy Project / Inochi is a charity photo book project featuring the work of 118 photographers from 28 countries from Magnum, VII Photo, Noor, National Geographic to emerging talent coming together to create awareness and raise funds for hospice and palliative care." My participation was a series of portraits of my mother during her time of chemotherapy after the diagnosis of breast cancer.


Limited edition tour book of the german band "Die Toten Hosen" and their tour "Mach mal lauter" in the years 2008/2009. I was very honoured to have more than 50 of my photographs published in this book. see more photos and have access to all areas here.

art director markus rasp edited this book with works of a young generation of german photographers for taschen verlag in 1997. ulf erdmann ziegler wrote the preface. i am very proud that i could show my photogpraphs form tokyo together with the work of 22 fellow photographers.