Oshima, Leprosis, Geo Magazine
Leper colonies in Japan? This sounds like an echo from a distant past. But they still exist until today. Their inhabitants are cured since decades- but remain outcasts. Only in 1996 was the isolation lifted by law. Most inhabitants stayed in the now called 14 sanatoriums where they get adequate care, housing and medical treatment.  A report for GEO Magazin Germany about the last survivors on the island Oshima.
Tsum Valley, Ganesh I, Buddhist nun

It takes four days of hiking until one reaches the remote valley of Tsum, situated at the border to Tibet and surrounded by Himalayan peaks up to 7400m. The people of Tsum Valley vowed to live a peaceful life. It is forbidden to kill any animal and even to import meat from outside.Tibetan buddhism is dominant in the valley which is located in an altitude between 2400m and 4000m above sea level. The project was supported by Stiftung Kulturwerk VG Bild-Kunst.

Tokyo Tower
Tokyo City Portrait for GEO Saison, published fall 2016. Discovering the japanese megalopolis by foot through its unknown quarters and small alleys.
Shadow Dog
Lula is our half Border Collie half Australian Shepherd dog. She is our  companion on outdoor walks, mountain hikes and skitours. Her favorite elements, besides good food, are woods and snow.  Follow new photos of lula and other iphone shots on Instagram.
In the mountains in all seasons
In the mountains in all seasons
Hiking, skiclimbing and skiing
Optical Ground Station
German Aerospace Center
Portrait of the people and projects of the German Aerospace Center Institute of Navigation and Communication which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Europe´s most northern capital with around 120.000 inhabitants is home to a astonishing number of internationally renowned  people in art, fashion, music and cuisine.
Photographed for a story on Reykjavik for Mercedes Benz Magazine, June 2015.

Jailhouse Cooks
Jailhouse cooks
inmates in the freiburg jailhouse working in the kitchen.
they are preparing the food for their fellow inmates and the guards under the supervision of a chef serving his time in prison.
the flying orchestra
Flying orchestra:
the instruments of the munich philharmonic orchestra on their way to japan with lufthansa cargo
Kimiko Fujiwara,83 years, tea farmer, Yono/Shikoku
Japan and its demographic issue
Story for GEO magazine Germany with words by Ines Possemeyer, published December 2014.
A look on social and demographic issues of contemporary urban and rural Japan.
'Die Toten Hosen' on their Magical Mystery Tour
"Die Toten Hosen" on their Magical Mystery Tour
Thirty years after their first appearance this band is having its most successful year ever. As a tribute to their fans and their own history they played on private venues like small boats, a firefighter's house, rooftop gardens and living rooms: the magical mystery tour 2012. these pictures were taken in their hometown düsseldorf where they celebrated a gig in a tiny apartment filled  with extremely happy fans.
Night racers
Tokyo Night racers
driving with up to 220km/h on the tokyo metropolitan expressways. at night, always playing hide and seek with the police. they had their high time in the 80s and 90s.  but  a few of this guys with their tuned japanese gt cars are still on the road today.
roughly 400 kilometers to the west from the busy capital ulaanbaatar is the district of arkhangai where we visited a nomad family.
staying with them for three days we got an idea of the huge and sparsely populated country.
in the late autumn winter could already be felt in the cold nights. the grass had been well shortened by the sheep, goats, yaks and horses.
The third gender
The third gender
thai people are said to have a definition of a third gender beside male and female.
the so-called katoeys (thai for ladyman/ladyboy) and tom boys (thai for a female trying to look and behave like a male) are a common sight in bangkok and across the country.
Chiemsee Reggae Festival
Chiemsee reggae festival
portraits and impressions
esperi-hope in a nuclear wasteland
esperi-hope in a nuclear wasteland
photoproject on the okawara familiy, organic farmers from the prefecture of fukushima.
photographed in summer 2012 and winter 2013. supported by the culture foundation of VG bild-kunst.
please take your time, download and read the photoessay, contact me if you have further questions or want to publish images.
it also appreciated if you spread the pdf or share the link.
you can support the shop esperi, where the okawaras are selling their and their neighbours products. esperi is also home of culture events and is supporting the future of the hard struggling region of fukushima.

Hotel Schloss Elmau
Images from the unique luxury hotel schloss elmau in the mountain valley elmau in bavaria where the 2015 g7 summit will be held.
looking back at almost one hundred years of history it reopened in 2007 after major renovations and with a new luxurious bath house.
it still keeps up its rich tradition of being a venue for musicians, writers and artists.
Passage to Panama
journey on board the container vessel "e.r. sydney" from manzanillo, mexico, pacific coast, through the panama canal to manzanillo, panama, caribbean sea

My mother
At the age of 64 my mother was facing breast cancer.
During the six months of chemotherapy she allowed me to take portraits.
The sequence of the photographs are in chronological order.
chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster
a visit in 2005 to the most contaminated areas north of chernobyl in the country of belarus. the southeast part of this country suffered most under the radioactive fallout following the explosion of the reactor on april 26th 1986. radioactive plumes were forced to rain down their disastrous load by the soviet air force before they could reach moscow.
daily life is back in most of the villages and the city of gomel. but huge forests and stretches of land remain forbidden and deserted areas.

Alena Ashinowa, Chief of the political movement 'Breakthrough' in front of a Sovjet Tank monument
Transnistria-The black hole between Moldawia and Ukraina
Focus on the breakaway state of Transnistria was brought back by the conflict in Ukraina. Since its declaration of independance in 1990 Transnistria as a nation is unrecognised by any UN member nation. their is a significant  presence of russian military in the country which speaks for the influence of russia on transnistria.we visited the country in the summer of 2006 for the SZ magazin.